Another year and another smashing success for the South Florida Film festival, which also hosted The South Florida Youth Film Workshop. This workshop in its 7th year at the festival had hundreds of children engaged in the activities as they enthusiastically and eagerly participated and gained knowledge of the filmmaking industry.

The South Florida Youth Film Workshop is a non-profit organization (501c) who’s mission is to mentor South Florida youth and to prepare them for careers in the film and entertainment industry, but most importantly to stress the importance of teamwork but do so in an highly creative environment. The workshop has worked with the support of the American Black Film Festival and for the last seven years we have trained over a thousand students from the South Florida region.

The Festival kicked off on July 14th, 2010 with a Town Hall meeting and luncheon at The Women’s Club of Coconut Grove. The main topic being discussed was the way that media violence impacted children.

Two festival participants enjoying their meal and having good conversation.

Acclaimed artist, George Rodez, was on hand and he donated this entire collection to the festival, which we will be auctioning off on the site shortly.

The Summer Groove hosted by Zo and D Wade was in full swing and we thought that it would be nice to take some of the kids out and let them get some in-field production experience. The organizer’s of Zo’s Summer Groove were gracious enough to allow us to bring some of our kids and shoot photos and video of the week’s festivities. This was not only a good opportunity for us to promote the festival but to also have the kids getting up close and personal with some of the celebrities that they follow on television and making them become of part of their production.
The Kids packed the house to see Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade, and others.

The Kids packed the house to see and listen to Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade, and others speak on the importance of building good relationships.

Alonzo Mourning with Dwyane Wade, Terrence J, Jay Williams, and Rocsi dishing out life advice to the kids in attendance.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Maya and one of our kids do an on spot interview.

We also kicked off screenings Thursday afternoon with our special guest attendee and filmmaker, Derrell Lawrence, who was in attendance as his film, Life isn’t Fair was the opening night screening. All screenings were held at the Paragon Grove 13 Theatre in Coconut Grove, Florida. The theatre gave us access in being able to use 2 theaters all day Thursday and Friday, where we showed a variety of films including, Derrell’s award-winning film Life isn’t Fair.

Festival Attendees getting their popcorn ready.

Tony Brooks (the festival's founder), Alberto Santana, and Derrell Lawrence out on the Red Carpet

The Hooter Girls were there!

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